Story Sets

Creating story sets are very easy.  Here are a few to get you started:)  Our favorite to get started with is the Joseph Story Set.

Topics Covered with these Story Sets

Here are just a few of the topics we will cover with these story set.  

  • Spiritual Growth
  • People Groups
  • Emotions
  • Character
  • Sin 
  • Prayer
  • Discipleship

We started with just 4 of us meeting once a week in each others homes at a set day and time.  We started small and I choose the 3 other people to get our bible study started.  We have since grown to 12 and we are almost ready to split into a few groups as we are growing.

Story Sets to Download

We really like to start with the Joseph story set.  It is a 9 week study that covers the life of Joseph!

Jesus the Disciple Maker Story Set



Fear Not Story Set


Getting Started with Story Sets

If we look at the 12 people Jesus choose to be his disciples, non of them were great leaders, well versed in the Bible or eloquent speakers.  I am neither of these as well but like you I felt like God had put into my heart to reach out and start building a community.

The four building blocks that Jesus used to build/create disciples are as follows:

I – Intentional:  Jesus intentionally choose all 12.  I personally choose my first 3.
C – Community:  They did life together, meaning they had dinners, game nights, went on walks, talked, helped each other out when needed.  We go to movies, have game and dinner nights, play soccer, volleyball and go hiking.
A – Accountability/Application: They worked on applying what they learned from Jesus to their everyday lives and they also held each other accountable for their actions and applications.  We follow up with each other regarding our applications and the decisions we make in life.
N – Next Generation:  Our goal is to be able to equip others in the group to start their own small group at some point in time.  We are now splitting into 3 small groups.