Dilejens in the Making

Discipleship Made Simple

We have been working for the last two years on putting together our ministry.  We have based this off a simple program designed to help show other how easy it is to become a disciple and disciple others as well.  You do not need to be a seminary graduate, have grown up in the church, a certain age, have a college degree or anything special.

The 12 disciples Jesus chose were from all walks of life with varying backgrounds.  There are 4 simple building blocks that Jesus used for his disciples.  These building blocks are ICAN and stand for Intentional,  Community, Accountability/Application and Next Generation.

As we do not intend to replace the physical interaction we get with our small groups.  We would like to offer an online resource to show persons that are interested in being a disciple and discipling other how simple it can be if we follow these 4 building blocks and the easy concept of storying