Bradley Yandell


Bradley Yandell

team development

One summer I spent camping at Mt. Hood with not much to do other than ski/snowboard, play with my dogs, wash dishes at night and read my Bible.  I came up with the idea of having my own ministry some day that would be based around developing friendships with others, reading our bibles and growing closer to God and enjoying the what I like most, playing:)  As the years moved on this idea did not seem like it would be much of a success but after many failures and God helping me get back up to start again, He has blessed me with the opportunity to make this a real ministry.

Over the years one thing that I have realized is that life is hard, setbacks happen, some seasons are amazing and some seasons you just do not understand what God is doing in your life.  But what I realized is that it does not matter if we are at the top of the mountain or in another valley we need to be diligent in our walk with God.  I do not always feel like doing/reading my devotional and sometimes I just can not put it down and get to work.  But if we open our Bibles every day, read scripture and spend some quality quiet time with God, our lives will be dramatically improved with more peace, extra strength, encouragement, perseverance, patience and a Godly love that is undeniable.

It took about two years to just come up with our name, Dilejens but we believe it defines how we are supposed to treat our relationship with God.  As He is always there with a loving hand or a thorn in our side to help us grow more like Christ.