Matthew Hasselbeck: The Elevator Talk


Matthew Hasselbeck: The Elevator Talk

“I wasn’t making disciples,” Indianapolis quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck admits. “I was introducing people to the team chaplain and feeling good about myself.” A blunt conversation with then-teammate Trent Dilfer helped Matthew realize how shallow his evangelism was. Like many of us, Matthew thought that teaching and discipling others was only for pastors. Dilfer helped him see that we’re all responsible for sharing Jesus Christ, and now Hasselbeck influences players and fans alike across the league with the gospel.

This short video is part of a set of sports-related interviews created by our partners The Increase and is perfect to show in adult and youth worship experiences or in a small group. The Increase is also the creator of Football Sunday, the biggest pro football simulcast event on the biggest game day of the year. Download it for free here.

From: The Increase

Available on: Jan 8, 2016